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Poster: hadjidakis Date: Nov 24, 2012 4:42am
Forum: opensource Subject: Re: YourFile downloader

I did a search for [recipes AND mediatype:texts] then sorted it by date added: 95 items of the first 100 require the downloader and the placement of an .exe file on one's computer. I hope there's a way to stop all this sleaziness.

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Poster: satinette2 Date: Nov 24, 2012 7:16am
Forum: opensource Subject: Re: YourFile downloader

There certainly is a tried and proven way "to stop all this sleaziness". Unfortunately, it involves a major change and many won't like it.

Once upon a time ago, when the internet was much younger, most anyone could read and post on most any group at all without having to first "join" or be "approved" or be "monitored" for a "trial period". And without needing a "password" or a special "screen name" or having to "type in what you see in the box" to prove that you're human, or anything else. It was much easier then.

But it was also easy for the sleaze elements and the sickos and the the just plain obnoxious to make all the rest of us miserable.

I can't tell you how many groups I know of that became over-run with disgusting language and all manner of links -- hidden and otherwise -- to other sites, especially those promoting: porno, dating, weight-loss, penis enlargement, earning-easy-money, breast enlargement, removing wrinkles, psychic readings, religious extremists-of-all-persuasions, ad nausea.

The only way to truly "stop all this sleaziness" is to do what virtually all internet groups have had to do: in one way or another, access has to be restricted.

Here the solution is easy and obvious: no one can be allowed to directly upload anything. Rather, EVERYTHING that is uploaded isn't posted until it first passes inspection thru a "middle man".